How Do I View My Scores and Answers

View Progress:

Under My Courses, find the appropriate course tile.

  • On the course tile, click Score in the left corner.
  • Under Scoring Details, you'll be looking at your progress by module.
  • Use the drop-down menu on the right to change modules.

Scoring Details:

The scoring details page only show one module of the course at a time. You can toggle between course modules using the drop-down menu on the right.

Each row represents a Section or a Page within the Module (listed at the top)

Columns (from left to right):

  • Score: Your score for each section.
  • % (% of total): The percent you scored for each section.
  • Time Spent: The time you spent on each section.
  • Finished: The date that section was completed.
  • View Answers: Takes you to the View Answers page.

View Answers:

  • Under Scoring Details, navigate to the column labeled Viewing Answers.
  • Under Viewing Answer column, Click View Answers.

Viewing Answers:

Under the view answers page, you'll see the following.

  • The question as it was presented in the assessment including graphics or images.
  • Your answer.
  • Red X: For an Incorrect answer.
  • Green Check: For a Correct answer.

How Do I Access My Certificate of Completion

After completing and passing a course, navigate back using the My Courses button in the top right corner.

Under my courses, the course tile will automatically rearrange themselves to display the last course you were active in first. Under a completed course you should have a drop down that says Certificates.

After clicking the certificate you want to view, it will open in a new tab. If you want to print or save your certificate, right-click on the certificate to view those options.

Disclaimer: Our courses are not a certification of any kind in and of themselves; they serve only as a Continuing Education opportunities, whether that counts toward a re-certification for a designation you've already earned, or if you take our courses "just because"!

How Do I Request a Refund?

We are committed to providing an engaging, fulfilling experience as you work to meet the Continuing Education requirements for your designation. It is our hope that we can make your CE journey convenient and enjoyable!

However, we also know that our learning experience isn’t for everyone. That's why we will refund 100% of your cost within the first 14 days of your course, for any reason.

Important notes:

  • We process refunds for courses individually, so if you purchased multiple courses at a time and wish to only return one/some, we've got you covered!
  • Your $ will be credited back to the method of payment used and your access to the related course materials will be suspended. You will not receive any credits from the course for which you receive a refund.
  • We do not offer refunds for courses that have been completed, even if the completion date falls within 2 weeks of purchase.

Additionally, if VTR must cancel a course for any reason, the participant will be notified via email and provided a full refund.

Please submit all refund requests to