How to View Individual Students Progress

To view progress:

  1. On the Instructor Dashboard, click the appropriate course panel.
  2. After the course panel opens, find the student you want to view or grade.
  3. Under the individual student, click the green %  icon.
  4. Under Individual Stats, each completed section will be indicated with a green check mark.
  5. Use the drop down menu on the right to change modules.

The individual stats page only displays one module, for one student, at a time. Using the drop-down menu, you can change the class, student and module you are looking at.

Each row on the Individual Stats page represents a Section or a Page within the Module (listed at the top).

Columns (from left to right):

  • Score: The score for each section.
  • % (% of total): The percent they scored for each section.
  • Time Spent: The time spent on each section.
  • Finished: The date that section was completed.
  • View Answers: Takes you to the module answers page
  • Reset Module: Allows you to reset the module for the student to retake.

How to Grade Assessments

To grade an assessment:

  1. Under Individual Assessment, click Module Answers
  2. Under Module Answers,
  3. click either “mark as correct” or “score answer” with feedback


Subjective/Objective:  You can choose to view both subjective and objective questions simultaneously or separately.

Subjective questions: You will see the question, the student's answer, and also have a section to provide feedback for that answer. You will be required to assign a score for each subjective question and for every file upload. To save feedback and points assigned click "send" or "Score Answer."

Objective Questions: You will see the question, the correct answer, and the student's answer. You will also have the ability to mark the question as correct for credit.

How to Provide a Course Extension

On the Instructor Dashboard, Click the appropriate course panel.

  • After the course panel opens, find the students' whose date you need to edit.
  • Under the individual student, click the red boxed pencil icon.
  • Follow the promotes and click Update.

Individual Settings:

The “Individual Settings” feature allows instructors to customize the start/end date and time for individual students on a per-course basis. This can also be used to provide time extensions or prematurely close a class without affecting every student in the course.

The first name, last name, and email of the student are auto-generated for your convenience. (Note: The image above is an example and does not contain an email address)

  • Start Date: The date and time this course will become available for the student. Date/time is stored in UTC.
  • End Date: The date and time this course will be locked and finalized for the student automatically. Date/time is stored in UTC.


Once a course has been finalized, no further progress is permitted and missed or skipped quizzes count against the students' final grade! 

  • Update: Saves all changes made
  • Unfinalization: removes the lock on the course allowing student access.

Note: In order to provide an extension for a student’s course once it has been finalized, you must first extend the closing date and click “update”, and after updating you can select “Unfinalize” to allow the student to continue progressing through the course.

How to Access The Quiz Report

  • On your instructor Dashboard, click the green bar chart icon.
  • Once opened, you will be on the Quiz Report.
  • Use the drop-down in the left corner to toggle between different modules.

Each row of the quiz report is one question.

Columns (left to right):

  • Question Text: The question itself.
  • Question Source: Where in the course material it’s referenced.
  • Point Value: The value of each question.
  • Correct Answer: The correct answer choice

The export report button will allow you to export the quiz report in a .csv format.