Where's My Getting Started Email?

If your class already begun and you have not received your "📌 Getting Started..." email with all your login and class information.

Ensure you have:

  • Checked your school email inbox
  • Checked your Spam box -- unfortunately, sometimes our emails get filed away to Spam.

If you have checked the correct inbox + spam and still don't have the email, please contact support for assistance.

How Do I Access My Course?

After receiving your getting started email (📌Getting Started in your class @ your university with VTR) and setting up your password, you will be directed to  your My Courses portal.


This page consists of course tiles that arrange themselves by the last course you were active in. You'll also have an at a glance view of your score in that course in the upper left-hand corner of the course title. Finally, to launch your course hover over the course tile and click!

Navigating Your Course:
After launching your course, you'll be taken to the start of the course or the last point you completed.

Table of Contents:
The table of contents on the left tells you where you are in the course and keeps track of your progress with green check marks. Above the table of contents, you have your progress and current score thus far, and If you need to navigate to a previous section, simply click on that section in the table of contents.


You'll automatically progress forward as you complete the course, except when you receive an email. After reading the email, you'll need to use the directional arrows to progress forward.

Each email that is sent will be saved for you to access again if needed. Emails will occasionally have links or attachments to additional resources. If prompted to do so, follow the link or download the attachment simply by clicking on it.

File Share:

The file share is broken up by module for ease of access. To view a document, simply navigate to the correct module and click the title of the desired file.


For assessments and quizzes, you'll either need to select an answer from the options available or type in an answer. After selecting or inputting your answer click Submit to record your answer.

(Please note the answers were removed for some images to maintain academic integrity)

How Do I View My Score and Answers

View Progress:

Under your My Courses portal, find the appropriate course tile.

  • On the course tile, click Score in the left corner.
  • Under Scoring Details, you'll be looking at your progress by module.
  • Use the drop-down menu on the right to change modules.

View Answers:

  • Under Scoring Details, navigate to the column labeled Viewing Answers.
  • Under Viewing Answer column, Click View Answers.

Scoring Details:

The scoring details page only show one module of the course at a time. You can toggle between course modules using the drop-down menu on the right.

Each row represents a Section or a Page within the Module (listed at the top).

Columns (from left to right):

  • Score: Your score for each section.
  • % (% of total): The percent you scored for each section.
  • Time Spent: The time you spent on each section.
  • Finished: The date that section was completed.
  • View Answers: Takes you to the View Answers page.

Viewing Answers:

Under the view answers page, you'll see the following

  • The question as it was presented in the assessment including graphics or images.
  • Your answer.
  • Red X: For an Incorrect answer.
  • Green Check: For a Correct answer.